Happy Bidders Thursday Eve Session November 16, 2017

Happy Bidders Thursday Eve Session November 16, 2017
Rank       Pct     Section    Pair
   1         73.75    B    1-N/S  Ernie Currie – Brian Sanderson
2         67.50   A    5-N/S  Mel Gallant – Phil Hooper
3/4       64.38   A    7-N/S  Len Hynes – Ralph Kennedy
3/4       64.38   A    7-E/W  Karen McIntee – Norah Smith
5        63.81    B    5-E/W  Grace Nicholson – Bill Griffin
6        62.66    B    2-E/W  Joan Kerr – Ken Kerr

Notice we had 2 Sections in the Results
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  1. I appreciated everyone’s patience and support as we try to improve your bridge experience. We want it to be a happy place to play. Thank you Brian for your computer expertise, you made it possible. Thank you Ray for directing and organizing the flow…and thank you to all our happy bidder bridge players for your support..what a great team!

    Thanks Carol

    “To get the true value of joy you must have people to share it with” …Mark Twain

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