Happy Bidders Bridge Club, 25-Jan-18

Happy Bidders Bridge Club, 25-Jan-18
Rank, Pct, Pair
Section A
North – South
1,58.91,Jill Trainor & Richard Kenny
2,54.38,Heather Pierce & Barb Rankin
3,52.98,Mel Gallant & Phil Hooper
East – West
1,59.54,Harry & Myrna Kielly
2,56.73,Jennifer & Wilson Acton
3,55.48,Mike & Pauline Coady

Section B
North – South
1,67.66,Ralph Kennedy & Len Hynes
2,54.6,Judith Bezeredi & David Roper
3,53.91,John MacEachern & Fran Handrahan
East – West
1,62.98,Tissie O’Brien & Linda Murphy
2,59.23,Jake Baird & Barbara MacEachern


One of the players with birthday in January, enjoying the cake.

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