Happy Bidders Bridge Club, 22-Feb-18

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Happy Bidders Bridge Club, 22-Feb-18
Rank, Overall,Pct,Pair
Section A
North South
1,5,57.24,Joan Grant & Rick Langhorne
2,,56.13,Richard Kenny & Cindy Wedge
,51.16,Tom Matheson & David Mitchell
East / West
1,1,64.88,Joan Cooke & Sharon Rooke
2,3,62.75,RoseEllen Ghiz & Ritchie Simpson
3,6,57.11,Norman & Edith MacLauchlan
Section B
North – South
1,2,64.16,Len Hynes & Irene MacArthur
2,,56.66,Ken & Joan Kerr
East / West
1,4,60,Blair MacMillan & Martin Vanderaa
,55,Gerry & Linda Murphy


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