Are you using the “play it again” option available in the sites

Are you reviewing the boards after each game on the sites?
For each session the boards are displayed along with the contracts for each board.  Dig a little deeper into the site and you can “play the board again” and see the the lead options to each of the Double Dummy analysis contracts for each board.

How to: (Hope I did not miss a step)
Best to print this, and use it to follow along.

Click on one of the 3 bridgewebs sites linked here
CDBC         OvertheBridge        Happy Bidders
Click on “Results” on Home page,
Click on “Session” you want to review
Click on “Section A or B,
Click on “Scorecards”,
Click on a “Board Number”,
below the displayed board Click “Play it Again”
New Screen  “play it again!!, click on “BS Online”
New Screen If no contracts shown in lower right, Click on “analyse”
Now Click on any “contract” number, either direction
the system will show all the possible leads in color
Green is a good lead
    Yellow is not as good (contract should make an overtrick(s) with that lead,
Number in the lower right corner of each card is the number of tricks    that lead should result in with “normal play”
CDBC Boards 1 and 2 Wed afternoon are good examples of various contracts and leads.


Brian Sanderson   for questions on bidding/play of a Board.

PS when I keep a scoresheet I record the opening lead, and check results.
Did I earn the contract or get a gift.

Zero Tolerance, and 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge

In this, like all times changes are happening. In 2017 The Laws of Duplicate Bridge were revised and adopted by ACBL. The game, Directors, players and even Zero Tolerance are all impacted in some way.

As players, we should all be familiar with the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and the social etiquette of participating in the game referred to as Zero Tolerance.

The text below as appears on  is now a few years old.

I have revised it with links to Laws referenced, each link stating the old law and the revised law (be sure you read the 2017 part usually starts on a new page).

Be cool! Bridge is fun.

zt1The ACBL Board of Directors and Management are committed to improving acceptable player behavior at all times. In accordance with Laws 74, 80B2(f), 81C4, 90A, 91, and 92A (2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge) the following policy outlines what is expected of all players during NABCs and other ACBL sponsored events (ie club games), as well as in the playing area before and after each session.

The ultimate purpose of the Z-T policy is to create a much more pleasant atmosphere in our NABCs. We are attempting to eradicate unacceptable behavior in order to make the game of bridge more enjoyable for all. Below are some examples of commendable behavior, which, while not required, will significantly contribute to the improved atmosphere:

  • Being a good ‘host’ or ‘guest’ at the table.
  • Greeting others in a friendly manner.
  • Praising the bidding and/or play of the opponents
  • Having two clearly completed convention cards readily available to the opponents (This one is a regulation, not just a nicety)

A Directors option when only 8 people show-up for game of Duplicate Bridge.

Directors options when only 8 people show-up for game of Duplicate Bridge.
ACBL Handbook
A movement is the method of progression during the game, indicating the seat to be occupied and the boards to be played by each player at each round.
A club may conduct pair games of any legal size (two and one-half or more tables) using either Howell or Mitchell movements.”


  1. Go home
  2. Play a 2 table Howell movement, ACBL score will score the game, but no masterpoints awarded/credited as per statement above.
  3. ACBL Handbook offer another option:
    “A club may run individual games (two or more tables) with either Rainbow or
    Shomate movements:”

For two tables the preferred movement is SHOMATE as each player plays with every other player, thus allowing comparison across the field and a game of legal size with masterpoints  awarded/credited. ACBL score will accommodate the scoring.  A detailed listing and printouts of Bridge Movement patterns is available at

Setting up ACBL Score for individual movement game. 

When adding a new Section: choose 3: “Individual”
Section Letter : usually “A”
Section Color: “Gray”
Movement:  2   “One winner”
On pop-up screen: Select “S0207 8 players, 7 rounds of 3 or 4″            boards  (to play 21 or 28 boards).   Whole range of other options.
Another pop-up screen just with information:
8 players, 7 rounds of 3 or 4 boards.
                 Constant relay between both tables.
                 This movement is from “Duplicate Bridge Direction” by
                 Alex Groner.  Director can print movement pattern from  this link

From here to end, ACBL score input is the same as setting up any other game.

Sample screen image below.





Some more pictures from Spud Island Sectional.

Carl Hicks, Director trainer. A familiar face at Sectional Events.
Sectional Director in Training, I didn’t remember his name.
The welcoming desk and 50/50 Sales.
Judy Fraser, presented to winner in each session with the loot from the 50/50 draw, and volunteers (Elizabeth DeWolf is shown in picture).
I did not catch up to Cindy Wedge who recruited the volunteers and handled the partners requests.
I got your money, now you go there!
Sectional in-play, Director and caddie standing in background.
Another general picture.

I have video to post but it needs some editing.

The Hospitality Lounge volunteers
Swiss teams, A/X running score board
BCD running scoreboard
somebody walking off with goodies, Richard giving a thumbs up.

The welcoming desk and 50/50 Sales.
Judy Fraser, presented to winner in each session with the loot from the 50/50 draw, and volunteers (Elizabeth DeWolf is shown in picture).
I did not catch up to Cindy Wedge who recruited the volunteers and handled the partners requests.
Swiss teams, A/X running score board
Stocking-up, I assume a long drive home. Better still, hope he shares with his teammates.

Spud Island Sectional winners, Oct 13 – 15, 2017, winners Link

Hi! All

Richard and Cindy coordinated a very successful Spud Island Sectional on the weekend.  Richard thanked all the people and Clubs who contributed to the weekend. 

I have added a link to the Spud Island Sectional winners list. Photos will get added soon so check back.  Link to photos

Spud Island Sectional winners, Oct 13 – 15, 2017



Active Ethics, What is it?

ACBL Code of Active Ethics

What Makes a Successful Bridge Club?

I was roaming around the internet trying to escape the heat outside and found this article:
What Makes a Successful Bridge Club?
A review of current year club participation, revealed that about 50% of the players accounted for 90% of the games played.
The challenge does not need to be stated.
Use “Leave a comment” (on upper left of screen) to get a discussion going.

Thank you